Boost Bookings & Ancillary Sales

With An Intelligent Data Platform

Utilize The Power of Big Data

To Create Unique Travel Experiences

Travlytix enables airlines and OTA’s to deliver unique customer experiences through data driven decision making. Developed and customized exclusively for the Travel industry, it allows you to gather, unify and process your travelers’ data in real-time. With Travlytix you will engage your travelers with personalized, most relevant content at the right time and through the right channel.


With Travlytix you can target with accuracy the Right Traveler with the Right Content at the Right Time and through the Right Channel


With Travlytix you will increase your Click-Through rates (CTR) Conversion rates and Operational Efficiency. Guaranteed


With Travlytix you will create deeply personalized omnichannel campaigns based on actual, real-time data

An Easy Process

How Travlytix Works

Unify Your Travelers' Data From Different Sources Under ONE Single Platform

With Travlytix you can gather
travelers' data in real-time from
multiple sources such as Web,
Mobile, Check-in, PSS, IBE, Loyalty and historical transactions under one highly scalable, secure platform.

Gain Detailed & Valuable Traveler Insights

Advanced data science and
machine learning allow you
to gain valuable insights into
your customers’ behavioral &
purchasing patterns. You can
define with accuracy & automate your segmentation criteria.

Reach Travelers With The Right Offer At The Right Time

Run personalised, data-driven campaigns, targeting customers across multiple channels including email, sms, social media, push notifications and more.

Perform & Automate Segmentation With Precision

Define your traveler segmentation criteria with accuracy, based on both past and real-time behaviour as well as purchasing patterns. You can even automate the frequency of segmentation by scheduling the desired time!

Target Your Customers
Through Different Channels

Target the right user with the right content across multiple channels. Run highly personalized marketing campaigns reaching your travelers at their preferred channel of use.

Gain Insights In Seconds

Track every single action! Analyze key metrics like click-through rates (CTR) to measure the return on your investment (ROI) from all marketing campaigns and connected data sources.

Travlytix Is Trusted By

Top Airlines

Travlytix is the first Customer Data Platform that is specifically customized for the Travel industry. Our clients analyze billions of user interactions and take data-driven actions to improve user journeys.

Omni-Channel Marketing Personalized

Utilizing the full potential of big data in real-time, Travlytix empowers you to reach travelers accross multiple channels whether it is a personalized email or sms, a smart push notification urging them to complete their purchase or a limited time social media campaign offer! In addition to measuring the success of each individual campaign.

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